Impossible is Just a Word

Impossible is Just a Word

Who hasn’t fantasized about being someone else at some time or another?

We’ve all dreamed of scoring the winning goal, being the homecoming king or queen, being rich, famous or deliriously in love. We all have big dreams, but dreams and $2.75 will get you on the subway – we have to do more than dream if we want things to change.

Just letting your dreams gather dust is sad.

Instead of making things happen, we get caught on the hamster wheel of just getting by from one day to the next. Life can be so much more than that, but you have to stop being afraid to think bigger about your goals. What stops most of us is the thought that our goals are impossible. We think that it’ll be too hard to achieve the things that we want and we’re stopped in our tracks.

Fortunately, not everyone thinks this way or the world would be a completely static place.

No new technological developments, no new frontiers in the arts, no human accomplishment to inspire others. Think of bumblebees. For the longest time, scientists studied these humble insects and said that according to everything we knew, it shouldn’t be possible for them to fly. Good thing that bumblebees don’t know that.

There are plenty of humans who are exactly the opposite.

They have dreams, but are held back from acting to bring them to life by the word impossible. When you allow yourself to be limited by doubt, you’ll never even be able to try achieving the things that you might think are impossible.

Try writing down some of your goals and separating them into three lists:

  • things that you’re sure that you can accomplish,
  • things that you think you might be able to do, and
  • things that you think are impossible.

Keep this list handy and check it every day as you work though the items in the first column, checking them off as you do. Next, move on to the “might” list and do the same.

After you’ve achieved all of these goals…

Move on to the list of things that you thought were impossible for you to achieve. You might find that you now have the confidence to handle these tasks – and the feeling that you’ve achieved what you once thought impossible will make you feel incredible.

The idea is to dream big, but work step by step towards these high aspirations.

You shouldn’t set goals which are simply unrealistic, but remember that with confidence and hard work, there is little that you can’t achieve. Landing on the moon once seemed impossible, as did eradicating smallpox, the idea of the internet or any number of other things which are realities of daily life today.

As Thomas Edison said, 99% of genius is perspiration.

No matter your goals, nothing is achieved without hard work. Dream big and be willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work and what you can make happen will surprise you. Bodybuilders are fond of saying “no pain, no gain” and this is absolutely true.

Almost all of our limitations are ones which we impose on ourselves

Stop putting roadblocks in your path, dream big and work day and night to make your dreams a reality. Every step closer to success will show you just how possible the impossible really is when you want it enough.

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